Life Company Consolidation Group

A sleek, high-end website for LCCG

Life Company Consolidation Group (or LCCG) is a specialist vehicle operating in the European Closed Life Fund sector. Its principal activity is the acquisition and consolidation of closed books of life assurance business in Europe.

Given the high-end, corporate nature of the business, their website needed to reflect this in order to cater to its intended audience of high-level personnel. The company approached us with the logo in hand, and and tasked Flatpack to design and build their website, drawing inspiration from the scarlet logo and minimal, sharp lines it features.

The resulting website is sleek, yet subtle, keeping the information relevant and concise in order to not overwhelm the visitor, and to help with search engine performance. A slight perspective difference on the images as they scroll down (otherwise known as a parallax effect) adds an interesting depth to the design without becoming tasteless, and the red featured in the logo is replicated in certain elements on the page, adding a splash of colour to the site.

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