Blaze Fire Protection

Bringing a well-established business into the modern age

Blaze Fire Protection are a well-established, family-run business that provide fire protection services to Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and the surrounding areas. In need of an entire rebrand that would bring them up-to-date with their competitors, they wanted a logo and brand that would enable them to stand out in an industry that is saturated with plain-looking design that lacks character.

Beginning with the logo, the customised typeface that we used for the word ‘blaze’ reflects the wild, unpredictable nature of flames, and the deep red shading goes further to emphasise this link. The bold, uncluttered typeface used in the ‘fire protection’ segment suggests authority and brings a touch of sobriety to the overall logo. Together, these aspects blend well to create an iconic logo that is as striking as it is recognisable.

The rest of the branding was designed to compliment the rich colours of the logo by leveraging a dark colour palette and a clear, precise font.

Finally, the website was designed and built with a high level of user-friendliness in mind. Easy to navigate and access for even the least experienced users, simple parallax effects and large, striking background photography add to the polished look and feel of the site.

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